Pleats as sun protection  

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are the classic for the office per se. They are mainly suitable for controlling the light in the room perfectly well. Especially on screens there is nothing worse than that the sun shines on it and thus makes seeing anything impossible. Since technology is increasing steadily it is nowadays possible to control vertical blinds by means of sensors which guarantee a pleasant climate in the office or in any other room.

(Lamellenvorhänge) However, vertical blinds may as well be adjusted manually or by remote control. Manually this is performed by pulling a cord which is mounted to the left or the right. Via a rail the lamellae are adjusted according to the requirements. Per remote control this is done automatically. In an opened state vertical blinds consist of so-called packages which can be placed on the left, in the middle or on the right. When needed, these packages are arranged from the inside outwards, from the middle outwards and so on. For mounting the vertical blinds are fixed in rails on the ceiling. The rails are available in many various colours in order to harmonise the room. Most often the rails are made of aluminium or copper to be as light as possible. Anyway, vertical blinds can also be bought with wooden lamellae. (Holzlamellen) Especially in rooms containing plenty of wood these blinds look very elegant. However, plastic is more popular since it is easier to clean, cheaper and it lets offices look more technical/professional.

At the bottom of the blinds weights are included which make sure that the blinds continue hanging vertically. Besides protecting from sun, vertical blinds offer further benefits. (Sonnenschutz) They do as well provide protection from draught. Especially for leaky windows they offer good draught stoppers. (Zugluftstopper) But also when it comes to heat protection vertical blinds are worth being mentioned. (Wärmeschutz) For example in winter it is recommendable to close the vertical blinds to keep the warm air in the room as long as possible and at the same time prevent the cold from the outside from entering the room.

Thus you can save energy costs. Vertical blinds also offer perfect privacy protection. If you have to give a presentation or want to avoid curious glances just close the blinds and you are left in peace. (Blickschutz) Cleaning vertical blinds is only necessary from time to time as the lamellae hang vertically from the rails and thus do not offer a large surface for dust attaching. If they do have to be cleaned properly, however, they have to be removed from the rails. In general, vertical blinds offer the perfect sun protection and convey a unique atmosphere to your office. (Sonnenschutz)