Pleats as sun protection  


If you asked somebody which piece of furniture is probably the most important one at home most of them would answer: the bed. This is the place where we regenerate from everyday life, where we dedicate ourselves to dreams and to love and if we are ill sleep till recovery, simply: where we spend the most time of our life. How relaxing and pleasurable it is in a bed less depends on its look but more on its inner values, namely the kind and quality of its mattress. In the meanwhile there exist so many kinds of mattresses that one could spend each night of his or her life on another mattress. There are not only the well-known spring-core mattresses in huge numbers of variation or foam mattresses in different thicknesses, but more and more mattresses equipped with sophisticated refinements and technologies.

(Federkernmatratzen; Schaumstoffmatratzen) For example there are viscoelastic mattresses or tempur mattresses whose heat-sensitive foam had originally been developed for space technology. (viscoelatische Matratzen, Tempurmatratzen) Next to them there are still numerous organic or nature mattresses whose production of natural materials such as latex, caoutchouc, straw, horsehair and so on is continuously perfected. (Latexmatratzen, Kautschukmatratzen, Strohmatratzen, Rosshaarmatratzen) Most mattresses, however, are a mixture of different materials in order to adapt themselves to people’s need in a more precise way.

Each material has its particular properties which can thus be combined. Especially trendy are mattresses whose elasticity is divided into different zones in order to influence the sinking in of the body in a way that the spine is kept in an optimal straight position. The more difficult it becomes for the individual to find the mattress which really complies with his or her sleeping habits. Inform yourself on the properties of the different materials before buying a mattress and try their suitability as much as possible.