Pleats as sun protection  

Roller blinds

Definition roller blinds:

Roller blinds are the perfect sun protection per se. (Sonnenschutz) They offer an easy-to-handle technology and are available in many colours and varieties. However, besides the main topic of sun protection, roller blinds offer many more advantages such as object security or avoiding unwelcome glances from the outside. (Einbruchschutz, Blickschutz) Since most roller blinds are equipped with a layer on the back, sun light is reflected and thus a pleasant room climate is achieved. The mounting of roller blinds is performed on the window. The shape of the window is set no limits. Especially on roof window roller blinds are the perfect sun protection because who is not annoyed of hot temperatures on the attic. Roller blinds can also be bought in special shapes such as trapezium. As you can see, roller blinds are very flexible and offer outstanding advantages.

Controlling of roller blinds

Roller blinds can be controlled in different ways. It can be distinguished between chain pull blinds, blinds with resilient return or the comfortable electro motor. Especially in large heights it is very comfortable to just have to push a button. In the following you will find a short explanation to the single types of control:

Side-pull/ Chain-pull control

This variation is considered the standard version per se. Here on the left and the right of the shaft an endless-cord or ball chain is fixed with which the shaft can be turned and thus the blind‘s cloth pulled up or down. Advantage of this control is the maintenance since these blinds are of low maintenance and easy to handle even in large sizes. Furthermore, a side-pull control offers a long durability and is therefore strongly to recommend. (Seitenzugbedienung) Especially for children the pulling up and down is no problem.

Roller blinds with operation from the middle (Blinds with resilient return)

For operating this roller blind the cloth is pulled down on the handle. Thereby a spring which is located inside the shaft is stretched. If you want the blinds to stay at the bottom you have to make sure that the spring is locked. This can be achieved by carefully stopping the blinds in the desired height. In correspondence, the spring can be un-locked by a jerking movement, if the blinds are supposed to snap up again. This kind of operation requires patience and is less suitable. Furthermore, there is a certain wearing for this type.

Roller blinds with an electric drive

These blinds are equipped with an electro motor (mostly located in a box above the blinds) which moves the shaft. Doing so the blinds can be moved up and down as often as you want. The blinds are controlled by means of a remote control. Especially for blinds that are difficult to reach (e.g. in large heights) this variation is recommendable.

Roller blinds to snap in

For roof windows often blinds are applied whose rod adding to the weight are snapped in holdings that are mounted to the left or the right of the blinds. (Rollos zum Einrasten) The basic for this system is again the spring mechanism of a blind with resilient return, which is here due to a technical modification, kept stretched and cannot lock. (Schnapprollo)