Pleats as sun protection  

Fly screen

Who does not get annoyed in this situation: you get up in the morning and feel mosquito bites all over your body or you have insects in the house.

For these vermins insect protection or fly screens come into operation. These grids let the sun inside, but keep the unwanted guests outside. Mostly, insect protection systems are used in the private field or in hotels. Especially in summer nothing is worse than not being allowed to open a window in the evening heat, and that only to avoid mosquito bites. An insect protection can be fixed almost everywhere. No matter if on ceilings, windows or doors. It is only important that you can still open the window or the door after the fixture of the insect protection. The mounting is usually done with the help of hooks or Velcro® fastening, so that drillings become unnecessary.

In most cases a fly screen is ready for use after only five minutes. Just glue the Velcro® fastening on the window frame, put the fly screen on top of it and it is done! Fly screens are usually made from wire frames or from textile fabrics, which are weatherproof. With a mesh size of about 1 mm an intrusion of insects becomes impossible. With the 1 mm tolerance enough light and oxygen can still enter the room. The frame in which the screen is fixed is mostly made of aluminium, because aluminium is weatherproof and also very light, in opposite to other metals.

However, fly screens are not only available with different grids, but also in different colours. Therefore, you can optimally adapt your fly screen to the colour of your window. Latest fly screens even provide protection against pollen and are therefore especially suitable for people suffering from allergies. (Insekten, Fliegengitter, Insektenschutz, Sommer, Hitze, Fenster, Decken, Fenstern, Türen, Drahtgitter, Klettverschluss, wetterbeständig, Aluminium)