Pleats as sun protection  


Curtains are quite simply a classic when it comes to sun protection and visual shield. Curtains have already existed since the 16th century, where they were fixed at windows in the form of bed sheets. Today you can find curtains in uncountable beautiful designs. Additional to a huge range of colours patterns can be integrated as well. The sky is the limit. One trend for curtains are red and orange shades, because they create a cosy homely atmosphere. In summer also reticent light green curtains look very summerly. Besides their function of decoration for windows curtains also serve as sun protection.

Drawn curtains for example can prevent against an extreme heat build-up of a room. But this is just one advantage. Furthermore, a curtain offers a very good visual shield. But it is not only sun protection and visual shield, also a dust cover effect as well as noise protection can be achieved. As you can see a curtain provides many advantages. However, a big disadvantage with curtains is their easy inflammability. Hardly inflammable fabrics become more and more important, because normally flammable curtains constitute a high potential of fire hazard. A very important construction standard is DIN 4102 B1. A distinction is made between equipped fabrics, to which the property of low flammability was only given subsequently, and fabrics made from hardly inflammable fibres (like e.g. Trevira CS). The fixture of a curtain is made with the help of a curtain rod. (Sonnenschutz, Blickschutz, Bettlaken, Muster, Designs, Staubschutzwirkung, Lärmschutzwirkung)

Curtain rods (Gardinenstangen)

You can find curtain rods in the most different variants. No matter if you are interested in different shapes, colours or materials. Besides wood or copper aluminium, brass or plastic can also be used as materials. Due to fact that aluminium and wood are easy to clean these two materials are the preferred ones. The mounting of a curtain rod is normally done on the ceiling or on the walls. However, you can also fix curtains on windows with the help of plastic hooks. When it comes to curtain rods two kinds can be distinguished. There are single-run and multi-run curtain rods. The single-run curtain rod is seen as the classic, because it meets almost every requirement. This rod is available as round pipe rod or as inboard slot rod. The inboard slot rod offers many advantages and is therefore used frequently. One advantage of this version is for example that you can fix normal curtains at the curtain heading tape with the help of fold gliders and therefore draw them through from beginning to end. In doing so the handling becomes child’s play. As an alternative to the single-run rod you can also make use of the multi-run curtain rod. This method provides a huge range of applications because two curtains can be affixed. You can for example use the front run for a curtain and the run behind for a net curtain. Especially in museums or hotels this version is frequently applied because of the necessity to cover very big windows. (Holz, Kupfer, Aluminium, Messing, Plastik, Decke, Plastikhaken, einläufig, mehrläufig, Rundrohrstange, Innenlaufstange)

Panel curtains (Flächenvorhänge)

Panel curtains have been deployed since mediaeval times. And still today the panel curtain enjoys great popularity. No matter if used for private purposes or in hotels. Panel curtains on the one hand serve as visual shield, on the other hand they also provide sun protection. Due to the fact that panel curtains are available in a lot of shapes, almost every window can be equipped with the appropriate curtain. Additionally to the sun protection a curtain also provides a certain dust protection as well as noise protection. Panel curtains can be manufactured from very thick fabrics in order to reduce the level of noise. As an additional advantage the design has to be mentioned. There are countless patterns and colours for panel curtains. And almost every pattern and colour can be integrated in the curtain. The mounting of such a curtain normally takes place on the ceiling, whereas also a fixture on the wall is possible.

The operation of a curtain can differ. It is distinguished between three different kinds of handling. Besides the curtain draw rod there is the pull cord or the freely movable sliding panel. In comparison, the freely movable sliding panel definitely stands out from these three types of handling. A curtain with sliding panels can be moved easily by hand. Therefore, there is also no problem with big windows. However, the sliding panels can be moved with the help of an unobtrusive magnetic hand clip as well. With this kind of operation the cleaning procedure is also very easy. The curtain is just hanged out and then taken to the cleaning. (Schiebepaneele, Wandmontage, Handclips, kinderleichte Reinigung)