Pleats as sun protection  

Welcome to the pleats shop

Here we would like to introduce you products for protection from sun. (Sonnesnchutz) Examples to mention are so-called pleats which are also called “faltstore”. (see Plissee Onlineshop) If you like sitting in the shadow on warm summer days then you have come to the right place. We offer you a large choice for private as well as for the public area.

Sun protection in general

Sun protection ist he protection from sun and its unwelcome side-effects. (Sonnenschutz) Side-effects can be sunburns, dazzling and even skin cancer. In order to prevent these things there exist various kinds of sun protection. One can use pleats, vertical blinds, sun sails, parasols, awnings and many more. (Plissees, Lamellen, Falstore, Sonnensegel, Markisen Sonnenschirme) Protection from sun can be divided into 2 types, firstly the inboard sun protection and secondly external sun protection.

Especially in offices sun protection is an important topic since many unpleasant effects may occur. As in modern architecture glass is often used a certain protection would be an advantage. Besides heating up of the rooms or reflections on the screens even a bleaching of objects are possible. This is why the EU regulation (EU90/270) demands a pleasant room climate and the avoiding of dazzling on screens in order to prevent possible harms to the eyes. In order to meet this regulation many offices use pleats. (Faltstore/Plissee) These look chic and correspond to the current EU standards. Of course, sun protection can as well be found on people in form of sunscreen, headgear or long clothes, but also in road traffic sun protection plays an important role.

For example new cars are equipped with a protection from UV radiation which is supposed to avoid a heating-up of the interior and dazzling effects. (Strahlungsschutz, Blendschutz). You can see, sun protection is available in most various kinds, no matter if in gardens, hotels, on balconies, terraces or also in road traffic or on people. On our website we would like to give you an insight on the topic pleats, roller blinds, awnings, sun sails, insect screens, vertical blinds and curtains in order to provide you the possibility to sit in the shadow whenever you wish to. (Plissee, Rollos, Markisen, Sonnensegel, Insektenschutz, Lamellen, Gardinen)