Pleats as sun protection  

Venetian blind

With blinds made of aluminium or wood light in rooms can be perfectly adjusted. (Aluminiumjalousien; Holzjalousien) Furthermore, they are almost everywhere applicable, no matter if on roof pitches, arches, walls or ceilings. In the meanwhile one can distinguish between two kinds of blinds, blinds for interior use and vertical blinds. You can simply turn the rod or pull the chain and the blinds are turned. Blinds are available in many colours/patterns and create a unique room atmosphere.

Aluminium blinds are available in 16mm, 25mm, 35 mm or 50mm lamella wideness. The more narrow the wideness the more filigree the blinds appear. For small windows 16mm blinds are especially suitable. Blinds can also be operated by motors, most of them have a 24V motor and thus are absolutely easy to handle.