Pleats as sun protection  

Solar sail

Who does not know the unpleasant situation of not finding a place in the shadow on a hot summer’s day in order to keep away from heat and sunburns? Sun sails provide shadow in private as well as in business and can donate shadow to a large area. There are many individual possibilities of design. Besides patterns and colours you can also select the material which your sun sail should be made of. Sun sails are not only used as a protection from the sun but as an umbrella as well.

Nowadays the used material is most often Tarpaulin or Tarp since this waterproof fabric is well-suitable for sun sails. However, one should make sure that the fixing of the sun sail should be done in an angle of 14 degrees in a way that after a rainfall water can rinse from it easily and no water-bags occur. These water-bags can damage the fabric and even destroy it. As already mentioned before, the shape of a sun sail is mostly triangular or rectangular whereas many other shapes can be applied as well. Furthermore one can distinguish between two kinds of sun sails.

Types of sun sails

There are two kinds of sun sails, the fixed sun sail and the automatic one. Fixed sun sails offer a high stability, a large surface in order to create as much shadow as possible and are relatively inexpensive compared with other types of sun protection. Fixed sun sails can be quickly installed and removed. If want to have a picnic for example just take your sun sail with you and you will have a bower.

The second type is automatic sun sails. In contrast to fixed sun sails they offer a lot of flexibility since they can be perfectly directed towards the sun. Thus you can remain in the shadow in sunrise as well as in sunset. Furthermore, you can choose between various design possibilities since automatic sun sails can be applied very flexible. They can also be equipped with sensors for measuring the velocity of wind which automatically close the sun sail if a certain limit is crossed. Mostly these sun sails can withstand a wind speed up to 50 kph. In addition automatic sun sails are equipped with a remote control with which one can control the inclination can be changed by simply pushing a button. In the hotel business this principle has just become popular due to the remote function as it can provide an optimal shady place to every guest.

Further advantages

Besides providing shadow or protecting from rain sun sails can also be used as a privacy shield. (Sonnenschutz, Regenschutz, Blickschutz) If you want to have some peace from your neighbors or curious glances just adjust your sun sail and you are undisturbed. You can also take a sun sail on a trip by caravan. You can place it in front of the caravan and thus create a kind of canopy. You can see, sun sails are almost everywhere applicable and compared to other kinds of sun protection relatively inexpensive.